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School Bus Safety Starts With Us

In less than a week, the streets will be filled with big, yellow buses carrying some very precious cargo. While school buses are incredibly helpful for many families, they can add extra time to the morning and afternoon commutes if you’re following behind one. The temptation to pass a stopped bus can be great, especially if there are no children in view. What the law says, however, is that passing a stopped school bus with its stop sign out and red lights flashing is an offense that will land you a substantial fine, or worse.

According to provincial laws in Ontario, a...

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Home Care Reminders for Fall

After the record-breaking heat that blazed through Ontario this summer, it’s finally time to embrace the cooler temperatures of fall. As you sip your pumpkin spice latte, unpacking the family’s cozy sweaters and warm socks, don’t forget about preparing your home for this welcome change in season.

Let the sunshine in, but keep the cold air out! Windows are wonderful for letting natural light into a room, but cracked seals are a sure way to increase cold drafts and bump up heating costs. The same goes for any outer doors that are showing wear or damage to their sealing. Before the snow...

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Emergency Kit

Do you have an emergency kit in your car? This is quite an extensive list, but not a bad idea to prepare yourself in case you are stranded. Click this link for the details.